How to unlock ford ranger door without key

Before informing you of how to use a slim jim to unlock your Ford Ranger, it should go without saying that you should only ever use a slim jim to enter a vehicle you own or have permission to unlock and should never be done for illegal or malicious reasons.

With that established, the first thing you have to do is make sure your truck has upright locks that are not electric. Upright locks look like small cylinders located near the bottom of the car window. If you attempt this on a truck with electric locks, you may cause damage to the electronics in the door. If you’re unsure about what type of locks your vehicle has, call a locksmith.

If your truck meets the above criteria, do the following:

  • Insert a wedge between the window and weather stripping near the lock on the passenger doow.
  • Insert the slim jim in the space made by the wedge.
  • Gently move the slim jim toward the lock and keep an eye on the lock for subtle movements.
  • Once the lock moves, you have caught the locking mechanism and should pull the slim jim upwards slowly until the door unlocks.

If you cannot open the vehicle after one or two attempts, you should call a professional to avoid damaging the door.

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I just want to say. this just saved me 100 bucks. took me 20 seconds. avoid the window stay left like he said. I used needle nose pliers to get antenna off gave myself a wicked pinch slipping off. and the back end of antenna BARELY fits in the slot. good stuff tho buddy. ty a million


  • How to unlock ford ranger door without key
    David Aziz February 23, 2022 At 8:43 pm

    Thanks for the tip. Savior of the day!


  • How to unlock ford ranger door without key
    skeptic1000 February 23, 2022 At 8:43 pm

    This content is probably in the top ten of utilitarian YouTube videos. Hats off to you, sir! Like I kept hearing it was easy, but I couldn't quite get it until I watched this.

    Saved my ass tonight bigtime. No joke, let's just say I was somewhere I shouldn't have been and locked my keys in my car in my haste. it could have ended really bad in several ways if I had to wait there for help and pay a service that would potentially leave a paper trail.


  • How to unlock ford ranger door without key
    Tyler Bdnd February 23, 2022 At 8:43 pm

    this was probably the most helpful thing ive came across, thank you very much


  • How to unlock ford ranger door without key
    bloodtrocuted62 February 23, 2022 At 8:43 pm

    From watching this video to unlocking my ranger took about 5 minutes. This was super helpful


  • How to unlock ford ranger door without key
    TCE February 23, 2022 At 8:43 pm

    Bro you saved me $200 was about to call a lock smith


  • How to unlock ford ranger door without key
    Miguel Mejias February 23, 2022 At 8:43 pm

    Thank you , it works . You just save me


  • How to unlock ford ranger door without key
    Melissa Murphy February 23, 2022 At 8:43 pm

    I was on the phone with my dad and hear this dreadful noise in the background..he then explains he locked his keys in his truck and was trying to use a slim jim to get to door open. I told him “hold on, I’ll go check YouTube and see how to break into your Ranger.” He laughed and was skeptical. I sent my dad this video and he sends me a text back within a couple minutes “IM IN!!! Almost as good as keys!!! Thank you sweetie!!”

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    How do I unlock my car door from the outside without a key?

    8 Ways To Get Car Keys Out Of A Locked Vehicle Safely.
    Get Your Spare Key..
    Load Up Your App..
    Unlock Manual Locks with String or Fishing Line..
    Unlock with a Wire Clothes Hanger..
    Unlock with an Inflatable Pump Wedge..
    Unlock with a Strip of Sturdy Plastic..
    Call AAA or a Locksmith..
    Call the Police..

    How do you unlock your car with keys locked inside?

    An option for getting into your car if your keys are locked in it is to have a locksmith make a new key for the car. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to provide the VIN or Vehicle Identification Number to the locksmith. Using the VIN, the locksmith will be able to make a new key that will fit the lock.

    Can you lock your keys in a Ford Ranger?

    As long as the truck is not running, if you hit the lock button on door when exiting it will lock the fob in the car.