How long has flo been doing the progressive commercials

How long has flo been doing the progressive commercials

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It’s rare for a commercial to make someone a star — we see you, Peloton Lady — but there’s not a household in the U.S. that isn’t familiar with Flo from Progressive.

One of television’s most recognizable mascots, Flo debuted in 2008 and has been a mainstay in commercials for almost 15 years. That’s a better longevity than some of Hollywood’s biggest stars can boast. Flo has enjoyed broad success, so much so that very few people know the woman behind the character. 

Flo is played by Stephanie Courtney, an actress who — despite being instantly recognizable as Progressive’s perky spokesperson — has found work in several television and film projects over the years. She is by far best known as Flo, however, and continues to helm nearly every commercial and advertisement put out by the insurance company.

Over the course of more than a decade, Flo has appeared in more than 100 advertisements. She’s enjoyed more screen time than the vast majority of advertising mascots and continues to appear in commercials 14 years after her debut. 

Flo from Progressive’s net worth

Flo’s enduring popularity has elevated her to previously unforeseen heights amongst advertising regulars. While Courtney is unlikely to ever enjoy the name recognition of some of today’s working actresses, she rakes in top dollar for her appearances as Flo.

Her decade and a half in Progressive commercials have helped Flo has accumulate a net worth of $6 million. While it pales in comparison to the biggest earners in Hollywood, Flo’s millionaire status is undeniably impressive, particularly considering her general lack of non-Progressive-oriented work.

Flo reportedly makes around $1 million a year, according to Celebrity Net Worth, but very likely brings in closer to $2 million on an annual basis. Her status as Progressive’s official spokesperson helps immensely in negotiations where her paychecks are concerned and assists Courtney in continuing to rake in the big bucks.

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Last Updated on March 8, 2022

Stephanie Courtney is an actress and comedian who’s best known for playing the fictional insurance salesperson for Progressive Insurance, where she has appeared in over 100 advertisements for the company since 2008. The character has garnered millions of social media fans and is considered one of the most iconic insurance advertising mascots of all time.

Besides appearing in television and radio commercials for Progressive Insurance, Stephanie Courtney has also had a highly successful film and television career. She’s most famous for her recurring roles on a number of television series, including Tom Goes to the Mayor (2004 – 06), the drama Mad Men (2007), and the ABC comedy series Cavemen (2007). Courtney’s other major television roles include appearances in season 2 premiere of Men of a Certain Age as well as in the 2013 television series The Goldbergs.

Quick Facts

Full Name: Stephanie Courtney
Popular Name: Stephanie Courtney
Gender: Female
Birth Date: February 8, 1970
Age: 51 years
Parents: Bill Courtney and Jane Courtney
Siblings: 2, including actress Jennifer Courtney
Birth Place: Stony Point, New York
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: White
Education: North Rockland High School, Binghamton University, The Groundlings, and Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre
Marital Status: Married 
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Wife/Spouse: Scott Kolanach
Children: None
Dating: N/A
Net Worth: USD 6 million (as of March 1, 2021)
Source of Wealth: Acting, Comedy, Endorsement Deals, and Other Ventures
Height: 5′ 8″ (1.73 m)
Weight: 78 kg; In pounds: 172 lbs.

Early Life

Stephanie Courtney was born on February 8, 1970, in Stony Point, New York, to Bill Courtney and Jane Courtney. Her father was a high school teacher, whereas her mother was a singer. Courtney attended North Rockland High School and later, Binghamton University, where she graduated in 1992 with an English degree.

Stephanie Courtney took part in theater while she was in college, and is known for playing Elizabeth Proctor in The Crucible. However, her passions for acting and comedy go way back. The actress has been quoted in numerous interviews as saying that growing up, she always knew she was destined for a career in the entertainment industry.

After graduating from college, Stephanie Courtney moved to New York City to pursue her acting and comic ambitions further. While in New York, Courtney split her time between studying acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre and working part-time as a secretary for Smith Barney Chairman Robert F. Greenhill.

Courtney later moved to Los Angeles and roomed with her sister and now-actress, Jennifer Courtney. While in LA, Stephanie and Jennifer wrote and performed the sketch comedy ‘Those Courtney Girls,’ as well as the ‘Aspen Comedy Festival.’ Stephanie later joined the sketch-comedy training group, ‘The Groundlings.’ In 2004, Courtney became one of the members of The Groundlings’ 30-person main company.

Professional Career

Stephanie Courtney made her television debut in 1998 as a waitress in an episode of the television show Mr. Show with Bob and David, titled “Eat Rotten Fruit from a Shitty Tree.” The same year, she appeared as Kate in the short film Sweet Bird of You.

In 2000, Courtney appeared in an episode of the TV series Tenacious D, titled “The Fan.” She continued appearing in a variety of films over the next couple of years. Some of the movies she appeared in include Melvin Goes to Dinner (2003), For Your Consideration, (2006), Blades of Glory (2007), The Brothers Solomon (2007), and The Heartbreak Kid (2007). Over the same period, Courtney appeared in a series of television shows, such as Angel (2001), Everybody Loves Raymond (2002), The Man Show (2003), Significant Others (2004), and Without a Trace (2004).

Stephanie Courtney eventually landed her major breakout role after she voiced Joy Peters and Renee the Receptionist in the Adult Swim comedy Tom Goes to the Mayor (2004–06). She was propelled further onto the limelight following a series of insurance commercials by Progressive Insurance, depicting her as ‘Flo.’ In these advertisements, ‘Flo’ is portrayed as a plain-looking insurance saleslady who mostly appears in a white polo shirt. Flo has become one of the most iconic characters in advertising.

While lending her character to Progressive Insurance advertisements, Stephanie Courtney has continued to appear in numerous other films and television series, including:

• ER (2005, TV series)
• The Comeback (2005, TV series)
• Celebrity Deathmatch (2007, TV series)
• Mad Men (2007, TV series)
• Cavemen (2007 – 2008, TV series)
• United States of Tara (2009, TV series)
• Fred: The Movie (2010, film)
• Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred (2010, film)
• House (2010, TV series)
• Men of a Certain Age (2010, TV series)
• 2 Broke Girls (2014, TV series)
• Girlfriend’s Day (2017, film)
• The Goldbergs (2018 – 2020, TV series)
• Green Eggs and Ham (2019; TV series, as a voce actor)

Stephanie Courtney’s Net Worth

As of March 1, 2021, Stephanie Courtney had a net worth of $6 million. Courtney’s wealth comes from her decorated film and television career.

In addition to movie and television appearances, Stephanie Courtney has also earned a big portion of her wealth from her lookalike character, Flo. She reportedly earns $1 million every year from Progressive Insurance for playing the ‘Flo’ character, exclusive of earnings for being the brand’s spokesperson.

Besides Progressive Insurance, Courtney also makes millions from endorsing numerous other brands. Some of the companies that she has endorsed include General Mills cereal, Skittles, and Wienerschnitzel.

Lessons from Stephanie Courtney

1. Find your ambitions and pursue them diligently

Stephanie Courtney has claimed in numerous interviews that she always knew she was destined for a career in the entertainment industry. That might explain why she earnestly embarked on her acting career immediately after graduating from college.

2. Nothing worth having comes on a silver platter

As a budding actress and comedian, Courtney worked numerous odd jobs to support herself, including working as a caterer. She also auditioned consistently until she was eventually discovered.

3. Accept your current situation, then work towards improving it

Stephanie Courtney claimed that she was a switchboard operator in season one of ‘Mad Men,’ and that being the oldest, it made her bitter. However, she constantly worked on her acting talents to emerge as the accomplished actress and comedian that we know of her today.

Famous Quotes by Stephanie Courtney

“I was never tortured over whether I wanted to become an actor. There was never another option in my mind.”

“I’m sort of East Coast, so I like the off-white and the navy blues and the low-key preppy kind of thing.”

“People say, ’What are your hobbies?’ I say, ‘I’ve been doing shows ever since I was a kid.’ When I left college, all I wanted to be was a musical theater chick. I auditioned tons. It just didn’t pan out.”

“When you audition for commercials, it’s a lot of driving. What I netted wasn’t exactly matching the hours I was putting in. I figured I’m not a face that makes people want to buy Lysol. Then I auditioned for Progressive.”

Final Word

Stephanie Courtney is an accomplished actress and comedian who’s best known for playing the fictional character ‘Flo’ in Progressive Insurance commercials. Although she became insanely famous courtesy of her ‘Flo’ character, Courtney has had numerous film and television roles over the years. Her current net worth is $6 million.

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How much does Flo make a year?

"Stephanie Courtney earns $1 million per year playing "Flo" from Progressive in their commercials. Typically when an actor portrays a character for a long time, they end up negotiating a direct deal with the brand outside of the typical SAG-AFTRA union pay scales," reports Celebrity Net Worth.

Why is Flo no longer on Progressive commercials?

According to a statement made by Progressive, which was reiterated on Adweek's website, their goal now is to connect with Millenials by showing the humanity of their company. They want to show that the company behind Flo is made up of ordinary, hard-working, and honest people.

When did Flo start Progressive commercials?

Stephanie Courtney (born February 8, 1970) is an American actress and comedian, best known for playing the advertising character Flo in television and radio commercials for Progressive Corporation beginning in 2008.

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Jim Cashman is an American actor and writer, known for his role as "Jamie" in television and radio commercials for the Progressive Corporation beginning in 2014.